If you listen to the news

and the television views.

Dont listen to the views of the television news.

Its too much news thats givin me the blues .... now

non stop blues - we're listenin to the news.

watch me baby, here i come
gonna step out, gonna have some fun

fancy clothes and fancy hair
fancy shoes, if you dare

i'm the best dancer - you ever seen
I do it dirty and I do it clean

look at me - going bar to bar
got some cash and parked the car

I take whats offered and pay my way
guestlist passes, best blag today

people lookin - must be lookin fine
strut around and drink my wine

My life gets shorter and the ashtray fills
waitin 4 a letter but i only get Bills
I dont know what the day is - or what time's passed
I only see a year change - when they fly by fast

Tesco's gettin bigger and the queue stays long
eatin all the brand names - designer food's wrong
Keepin up with Jonsey and my credit card sin
Payin all my taxes, just take it on the chin

"whoever said nothing is impossible, never tried slamming a revolving door...."
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