What is protected by copyright?

Copyright protects original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, published editions of works, sound recordings, films (including videograms) and broadcasts.

Are ideas protected by copyright?
No. Although the work itself may be protected, the idea behind it is not.
Are names protected by copyright?
No. There is no copyright in a name, title, slogan or phrase.
But these may be eligible for registration as a trade mark.

What is Copyright?
Copyright gives the creators of certain kinds of material rights to control ways their material can be used.
These rights start as soon as the material is recorded in writing or in any other way. There is no official registration system. The rights cover :
communicating to the public by electronic transmission
renting or lending copies to the public;
and, performing in public.

Is material on the Internet protected by copyright?
Yes. Under UK law (the position in other countries may differ)
copyright material sent over the Internet or stored on web
servers will generally be protected in the same way as
material in other media. So anyone wishing to put copyright
material on the Internet, or further distribute or download such
material that others have placed on the Internet, should
ensure that they have the permission of the owners of rights
in the material.

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